📣 About Banner Printing

About Banner Prinitng

Banner printing is a method of poster printing used to produce banners for a broad range of clients, often called broad format printing or wide format printing. Big printers identified as large format printers are used for printing on different mediums of banners. Banner printing usually employs different types of materials, has a much bigger size than standard printing, can be printed one- or two-sided, and can be used indoors or outdoors.

Standard uncoated paper may be used to print banners, although this is not suggested as standard paper may not retain the same amount of liquid or toner and may not give the same longevity. Coated papers in matte or gloss finish, vinyl, canvas and a flag-like material are the most popular mediums for banner prints.

Banners are not officially sized. They appear to begin approximately 12 inches (about 30,5 centimeters) and go up to 10 feet (about 3 meters) based on the availability of the customer for both height and width. You can also print banners in larger sizes, if appropriate. Smaller prints are known as posters instead of flags, and are printed on standard paper sheets.

Banners, meaning one-sided or two-sided, can be printed in simplex or duplex. Simplex is the most popular and there are many businesses which do not sell duplex banner printing. Duplex printing is an choice for certain businesses, and is better unless the banner is hanging outside where traffic from both directions is coming from. The complexity of printing duplex banners usually causes the value is much higher.

Banners are produced by specially designed materials for use either indoors or outdoors. Within use may involve banners hanging on windows or from walls or ceilings. They prefer to contain marketing ads, or may be used for activities like parties or dances.

Outside banners are placed on a company's exterior walls, or across streets, often by street lamps. External printing of banners uses even heavier, more costly item. This thicker material will stand up to erosion and won't break or damage like banners on paper or inside. Most printing companies will ensure their banners toward showing signs of wear for a period of time.