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What is Banner?

            Banner is a type of poster printing, also known as wide-format printing or large format printing used to make banners for customers. In order for an industry and for their marketing to be successful, banner printing is a must. Banner printings are usually made reasonably large and have a message or image to convey to its audience. 
Banners are brilliant if placed in strategic places in order for them to be able to be seen by many people who will appreciate the information placed on them. 
Benefits of banner printing.
Banners can be designed to look and be how you want them to be. You have complete control over what information or message that you wish to convey, and also have the freedom to make them to whatever size you need and to whatever purpose they are being tailored for.
Banners are best used in these situations:
  • Exhibitions
  • Conferences
  • Corporate displays
  • Media / Press
  • Showroom
  • Shopping centre’s
  • Sales
  • Store displays
Banners are one of the most important and successful modes for advertising and marketing campaigns.

What is Bunting?

              Bunting is a type of poster printing, similar with banner and backdrop printing methods but smaller. Bunting is commonly used as a display for marketing purposes in order to promote company image, products, exhibition, shopping complex and even in front of the retail shop lot. Due to these reasons, bunting printing demands have been increasing rapidly. 
Why do we use buntings? The reason is simple. Bunting is a very low cost approach for advertising, and it is also the most affordable with the highest possible response and feedbacks to boost business sales. Imagine, every bunting that is installed on lamp posts that act as a salesman that will do the sales talk for you all day without rest, which is a great deal. Because of this, bunting is a very cost effective method in long term advertising. 

What is Backdrop?

               Backdrop is similar to banner printing in terms of wide-format printing or large format printing used to make banners for customers. It is usually reasonably large and it is important for a backdrop printing in stage events as finding the right background is a challenge. An appropriate stage backdrop can help create the right mood and setting for whatever is happening on the stage.
Why should I use a backdrop?
Stage backgrounds are often hung high above the stage and placed in a way that allows the stage crew to swap props and scenery. In another instance, stage backdrops are also used for group photographs and also in the studio, such as wedding backdrops.
A backdrop can enhance your event decoration, pull your theme together and provide a visual impact making your event truly extraordinary and unforgettable. Backdrops are able to replace the expense of multiple props since it goes hand in hand with the theme of the event, or the essence of the theme.