📣 What are vinyl banners?

What are vinyl banners?

Vinyl is a common choice of banner and is chosen for its longevity, cost-effectiveness and ideal for single-sided and double-sided billboard. They can also be customised to the needs of the consumer.

Vinyl banners are made of two products: Scrim (polyester mesh) and vinyl. Their strength lies in the polyester mesh. The mesh fibers density is calculated in units called deniers. A high-fibre density polyester mesh leads to a seamless vinyl scrim.

Although we might think the better the higher the deniers, that isn't always true. For example a 1,000 denier mesh isn't necessarily stronger than a 500 denier.

Liquid vinyl banners contain ingredients, most of which are polyvinyl chloride, or other plasticizer, used as a softener. These can be monomeric or polymeric, which provides more flexibility and improved longevity to polymer plasticizers. Vinyl banners, containing monomeric plasticizers, usually last no more than 1 year when put outside.